About Us

USA Strong Products, LLC is a family run business that is based in the Florida Panhandle community of Santa Rosa Beach. Our mission is to create jobs in the USA. Our efforts are contributing towards “Bringing Manufacturing Home”. It is our passion and directive to help make America Stronger by working with high quality, large and small US Manufacturers to bring their premium products to the marketplace.

Our first and flagship product is the premium quality USA Strong Cable Ties. Our cable ties are fresh from the factory based right here in Florida. It is our norm to have product available for you to purchase less than 30 days after manufacturing and testing. This is why you will sometimes see beads of moisture on the inside of the package; an indication that they have been manufactured VERY recently.

Our Cable Ties are always kept in a climate controlled environment; from the day they are manufactured until the time they are shipped directly to you. This is one HUGE advantage of buying USA Strong Cable Ties… our business model is strong, a cut above! We rotate our inventory many times/year, and receive fresh inventory from the factory on a weekly basis assuring that our cable ties are always fresh, strong and pliable.

Typically, cable ties can lose their strength and become brittle when they are aged and dried out. The aging process is accelerated when they are stored in harsh climate environments. It is best to transport and store at room temperature (approximately 73F). Other brands offer cable ties manufactured and imported from Taiwan and China, and it often takes 3 months or more before they arrive to their warehouses in the USA. During that time the products are subjected to many weeks in a harsh environment of heat and/or cold. They can become aged, dry and brittle, can weaken their tensile strength, and even snap or break quite easily when applying.

USA Strong Cable Ties are manufactured with Virgin Nylon 6/6. The manufacture of all of our cable ties conforms with BS EN ISO 9001:2015;ASTM D-4066 PA 0111; Federal Specification LP-410a; Military Specification.

USA Strong Cable Ties are the perfect choice for cable management and organization, or bundling and attachment projects. Our heavy duty cable ties always remain flat, from manufacturing all the way to your door. Many of the cheaper imported product sellers coil their longer cable ties to fit in a smaller square box. This saves them money on shipping and storage costs, but coiled cable ties remain curled when you unpack them and will not flatten out again. This is annoying and can create an inconvenience to you.

USA Strong Cable Ties are preferred by Contractors, Manufacturers, Professionals, Retailers, Small Business, for Industrial and Personal use. Organizing a home office or a project around the house? Doing small home renovations or a large commercial construction job? Hanging lights or banners, attach fence or netting? Give our product a try. USA Strong Cable Ties offers a high quality premium product that we are sure you will be greatly satisfied with. To top it off, all of our Cable Ties are Proudly Made in the USA!

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